my story began with an earnest dream to balance our modern lifestyle with the needs of our Planet. I thought, “if our Planet can no longer regenerate the resources we use in our everyday lives, shouldn’t we reshape our worldview and rethink how we interact with our environment? Shouldn’t we reflect on our consumption habits, on how the products we use are produced, and on the waste they leave behind?”

from these questions and the humble and yet powerful idea that each one can still make a difference, Bars Over Bottles came to life.

I am made up of revolutionary ingredients and ideas, and I come as a spokesperson for a dream: the dream of balancing our lifestyle with the urgent needs of our Planet.

my goal is to dismantle outdated paradigms deeply ingrained in the beauty industry by providing alternative options that are easily accessible to anyone. I want to show the world that it is possible to reduce our environmental footprint. We can cut down on plastic pollution by using alternatives. We can minimize water consumption and waste generated from products that use up precious natural resources that are essential to everyday life.

when creating my products, I discarded all excess. I discovered my essence in simplicity, by living a minimalist and nature-centered lifestyle. I learned that taking care of ourselves and our environment are movements that flow harmoniously - one cannot exist without the other. After all, our Planet is our home.

and so, from maintaining this balance of harmonious co-existence, my products were born: self-care in the form of solid beauty bars, that don't require plastic to exist and doesn't waste water in the process - distilled to focus on what truly matters.

beauty that is good for you and for the Planet.