Waterless stands for 'without water', and it's a movement aiming to create more sustainable products. Traditionally, beauty formulas are made of up of 60-80% water, so by getting rid of this valuable resource as the main ingredient, i can include more actives.

Waterless + Clean Beauty: because these actives are not diluted in water, my formulas need fewer preservatives, which are needed to avoid bacteria and fungi breeding in humid environments. Therefore, my products are cleaner ;)

Lower carbon footprint: the waterless concept also makes products more compact and lighter to transport, meaning a lower carbon footprint, less packaging and an extended use-by date which results in less waste.

Lower water footprint: because the total volume of freshwater used to produce my bars is lower, their impact on water resources is reduced.

Plastic-free: by adhering to waterless beauty, no more single-use plastic packaging is needed in your self-care routine. You'll be contributing to the reduction of over 120 billion units of packaging going to waste every year by the beauty industry, which pollute our Planet and take over 400 years to decompose.

Let me break it down for you:
01 bundle | 1 shampoo bar + 1 conditioner bar | saves up to 5 plastic bottles of 200ml (6.7 oz)

Being waterless is not simply a trend, but a way to rethink our view to the world and innovate the traditional beauty industry. It is about being really consistent with the environmental cause, reducing residues, developing cleaner formulas, creating products that are good for us and respect our Planet's needs.

I also want to challenge the misconception that sustainability is hard to achieve. Reducing our environmental footprint is doable. This is why I created sustainable products that can easily adapt to our everyday routine in a practical and uncomplicated way.

This is why I'm 100% bars over bottles.