Best Shampoo for Oily Hair: Choosing by Composition

Oily hair is a drama that affects many people's hair, and although it's a reasonably well-known problem, that doesn't always mean that its resolution is simple. There are many techniques — and, at the same time, many promises — out there to control oily scalp.

So, I've brought a special article on the subject. Here, you'll get insights and important information on how to treat oily hair, ways to control excess of oil in your strands, and how to choose the best shampoo for oily hair to accompany you on your journey towards naturally light, beautiful, and healthy hair.


Oily Hair: What are the Causes?

The causes of excessive oil in the scalp and hair strands can be diverse. Natural physiological conditions, hormonal imbalances, dietary habits, and stress are all contributing factors. 

Additionally, frequent use of chemical hair products, such as masks, and other substances can alter sebum production, while hot water baths and improper shampoo selection may further disrupt the balance, leading to greasy strands. 

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This excess oil production can extend from the scalp to the hair ends, resulting in a heavy, unkempt appearance. Furthermore, these conditions may also contribute to the development of dandruff, characterized by white flakes on the scalp. Addressing these factors is crucial for maintaining healthy hair.

How to Stop Oily Hair?

To combat oily hair, restoring harmony between your strands and the natural grease of the region is key. Maintaining a healthy level of oil is essential for hair health, but losing control of it should be avoided. Identifying potential causes of sebum production imbalance, whether physiological/hormonal, is crucial. 

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Simple tips can help normalize oily hair, such as avoiding touching your hair excessively and keeping the hairdryer at a distance to prevent stimulating sebaceous gland activity. Using a shampoo for oily hair is also recommended to reduce the oils effectively. However, it's important to avoid overdoing it, as excessive measures can lead to dryness instead. Basically, you need balance!

How to Wash Oily Hair?

Effective guidelines for washing oily hair and using shampoo properly can combat excess of grease. Despite myths, such as washing hair every other day, not everyone benefits from this routine. Washing hair more than once daily can stimulate oil production, but skipping daily washes might also prompt an increase. Accumulated dirt and residues can worsen oily scalp. Here are some helpful tips for washing oily hair:

  • Use a shampoo for oily hair: This is the primary tip, prefer shampoo for oily hair. Pay close attention to the product's instructions for use and see if it can be used every day or on alternate washes. Also, make sure to wash focusing on the roots. 
  • Avoid hot water: It's also worth regulating the water temperature in your shower, the hotter it is, the more irritated the skin and the greater the stimulation of sebaceous gland production! 

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  • Be gentle with your scalp: When washing, avoid using too much force to scrub the roots and don't make this movement using your nails. Irritating the scalp can lead to more sebum production, did you know that?
  • Go easy on conditioners, leave-ins, and masks: If you're using the conditioner incorrectly — applying the product to the base of the strands, not just the ends — adjusting this use can already have good effects. They should be used in moderation, as they can accumulate residues on the scalp and, thus, increase oily scalp.

What is the Best Shampoo for Oily Hair?

Addressing this question isn't straightforward. Excessive oils stem from various factors, and the plethora of formulations complicates the search for the ideal shampoo. Some may suit certain scalp types, while others work better for different ones. Nonetheless, using a shampoo tailored for oily hair is crucial for achieving lighter, healthier strands. 

To tackle oily hair sustainably, consider opting for a natural-origin shampoo, such as my Purifying Shampoo, which prioritizes environmental responsibility.

Purifying Shampoo Bar

My Purifying Shampoo Bar deeply cleanses and regulates hair oils, offering a dual-effect solution for healthy and beautiful hair. Formulated with natural ingredients like Palm Kernel Oil, Rosemary Extract, and Green Clay, it effectively removes residues and excess oils without damaging your hair. Infused with essential oils of Mint and Rosemary, it refreshes the scalp and helps reduce excessive amounts of oil, even aiding in reducing hair loss. 

This sustainable product is perfect for those seeking an eco-friendly treatment for oily hair. Free from harmful additives like parabens and sulfates, cruelty-free, vegan, and 100% plastic-free, it leaves zero negative impact on the environment. By choosing my Purifying Shampoo Bar, you naturally regulate oily scalp without harsh chemicals, while also contributing to a cleaner planet!

Detox Shampoo Bar

As we've seen my tips above, a good complement to your anti-oil treatment is the use of an anti-residue shampoo. And the ideal companion to maximize the results of my Purifying Shampoo is my Detox Shampoo Bar. Detox is a shampoo for all hair types, it is formulated to perform powerful cleansing and remove toxins, traces of pollution, and residues from other products that can accumulate in your hair, clogging follicles and causing exaggerated grease production on the scalp. 

Its formulation contains Black Clay and Activated Charcoal, substances with intense purifying effects, helping to remove excessive amounts of oil and other unwanted substances. And the coolest thing: my Detox Shampoo does all this without dehydrating the strands.

Well, reading this article, you've probably realized that taking care of your hair and the planet is my specialty, right? So now it's time to put everything you've learned into practice!

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