The 4 Best Conditioner Bars for Every Hair Type in 2023


If you’re tipping your toes into the world of conditioner bars, you may be wondering: “What is the best conditioner bar for my hair, and do conditioner bars even work?” 

Don’t worry, I’m here to answer all your questions about conditioner bars - how to use them, if they work, and what kind of solid conditioner bar you need for your precise hair type. 

Because if you’ve tried a conditioner bar and are still wondering “do conditioner bars work?” - you probably haven’t been using the right product. So let’s help get you sorted with the best conditioner bar for your tresses. 

But first, let’s set the record straight.

Do conditioner bars work? 

Man wondering “Do conditioner bars work?” while looking at his hair in a mirror

Yes! Conditioner bars do work. In fact, when comparing a conditioner bar vs liquid conditioner, the conditioner bar often comes out on top.

That’s because the best conditioner bars are made from nourishing natural ingredients that strengthen your strands from the inside out and provide deeply penetrating moisture. Many liquid conditioners, on the other hand, use chemicals and waxes that coat your hair and weigh it down.

But does bar conditioner work for people with super fine or oily hair? 


As long as you know how to use a conditioner bar, and the best conditioner bar for your hair type, it should help give you your most moisturized and vivacious hair yet. 

Best yet, you get more product for your purchase - with solid conditioners lasting 2 to 3 times longer than liquid conditioners on average. AND they are much better for the environment because there is ZERO plastic in the packaging. Win-win!

So now that you are feeling intrigued about conditioner bars, let’s discuss the best conditioner bar for each hair type.

The 4 best conditioner bars - and which hair type to use them on

Woman’s hand holding Bars Over Bottles best hair conditioner bar

Hair products are not one-type-fits all. So what is the best conditioner bar for YOUR hair? Read on to find out! Here are the best hair conditioner bars, the hair type they are best for, and why. 

1. The Moisturizing Conditioner Bar

Bars Over Bottles Moisturizing solid conditioner bar

Meet my Moisturizing Conditioner Bar. This is the best hair conditioner bar for oily to balanced hair because it is made with natural oils instead of butters, silicones, or waxes. These nourishing vitamins and oils will sink into your strands and give them shine and bounce. 

Now you might be thinking: “Why would I want to add oil to my already oily hair!?” 

It’s okay, I promise! Providing your hair with natural oils can actually train your scalp to stop producing so many of them. 

In fact, this solid conditioner bar contains lemongrass and rosemary natural oils, which have antibacterial properties. This is important, because a bacterial imbalance could be the cause of your oily scalp in the first place! 

Plus, the fresh, minty scent of this eco-friendly conditioner will help you feel refreshed and revitalized.

The best conditioner bar for oily hair

When you struggle with oily hair, the idea of adding extra moisture might seem counterintuitive. But people with oily hair need conditioner too! You just need the right oil control products. 

One problem people with oily hair have with traditional conditioners is that the product really coats their hair, and causes the scalp to produce excess moisture to try to fight the cloying product.

It becomes a never-ending battle.

But no more!

With my Moisturizing Conditioner Bar, you can get just the right amount of moisture without adding any weight or grease to your locks. 

And, this solid conditioner bar is also the best bar conditioner for fine hair. It’s a very lightweight, refreshing conditioner bar that hydrates your hair to perfection.

2. The Ultra Moisturizing Conditioner Bar

Bars Over Bottles Ultra Moisturizing Conditioner Bar

For some of us, oil is not the issue - in fact, we would love to have more natural oil in our hair! If you are someone with naturally dry hair, you want products that truly lock in moisture - like my Ultra Moisturizing Conditioner Bar

Conditioners that contain waxes or silicones really aren’t doing much to hydrate your hair. They simply coat the strands to make them appear smoother and shinier - without doing anything to tackle the underlying dryness. 

That’s where the Ultra Moisturizing Conditioner Bar comes in. This powerfully hydrating beauty bar packs in moisture with shea butter, which can penetrate into your strands to moisturize them deeply.

My Ultra Moisturizing Conditioner Bar also contains geranium and ylang ylang oils to give your newly hydrated hair a luscious, petal-soft scent. 

The best conditioner bar for dry hair

If your hair gets tangled and frizzy easily, and tends to feel a bit like straw, then it’s time to try the best hair conditioner bar for dry hair.

Shea butter has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce flakiness and dryness of your scalp and hair shaft. It is also naturally full of vitamin A and vitamin E, which can add true moisture and shine to your hair - no matter how dry it is naturally. 

And, if dryness is really an issue, you can bundle the best moisturizing shampoo and conditioner together for the ultimate hydrating hair routine. 

3. The Curl Definer & Leave-In Conditioner Bar

Bars Over Bottles Curl Definer &  Leave-in Conditioner Bar

Curly hair can be gorgeous and larger than life - but it can also be incredibly high-maintenance. It can be exhausting to read through product labels trying to ensure there are no drying alcohols or heavy ingredients that will weigh down your curls.

Well curly girls (and boys) rejoice! There is a solid conditioner bar just for you - and it’s 100% curly-method approved. The best shampoo and conditioner bars for curly hair are natural and nourishing, and my conditioner bar for curly hair completely fits the bill.

Meet my Curl Definer and Leave-In Conditioner Bar. This is the cream of the crop when it comes to curly hair products. 

The best conditioner bar for curly hair

My Curl Definer and Leave-In Conditioner Bar is a two-in-one product that is intensely conditioning. It can be used during your shower - or as a leave-in conditioner! 

The phyto-keratin and mango butter provide powerful (but lightweight) moisture while strengthening your hair structure, and the pracaxi oil is a natural curl memorizer - so your curls will be beautifully defined and bouncy after using it.  

4. The Hydrate & Repair Hair Mask Bar

Bars Over Bottles Hydrate & Repair Hair Mask Bar

Sometimes your hair needs a little extra help. And that’s especially true if you’ve undergone chemical treatments, or frequently style your hair with heat. That’s the time when you need my Hydrate & Repair Hair Mask Bar

If you want to try a hair mask bar on top of your favorite conditioner bar, I recommend using it one to three times a week, depending on the health of your hair. But even using a hair mask once a week should truly improve your hair feel.  

The best conditioner bar for damaged hair

Blow dryers, bleach, and even sun exposure can all break down your hair structure over time - leaving you with split ends and excess frizz. But worry not! Hair damage doesn’t have to be permanent. With the Hydrate & Repair Hair Mask Bar, you can actually help reverse it. 

This incredible little bar uses quinoa protein to boost your own keratin production and repair and prevent damage. It also contains yacon syrup and argan oil to give much-needed moisture to dry, color-treated hair. 

Give your hair some extra love 

No matter what type of hair you possess, we all know healthy hair isn’t JUST about having the best conditioner bar. So it’s a good thing I have a whole line of natural, clean beauty bars to transform your hair care routine. 

These plastic-free beauty bars are not only a great way to learn how to reduce plastic use, they will also leave your hair healthier and happier than ever before! And, you can even mix and match your favorite shampoo bars and conditioner bars into the perfect bundle for your unique tresses.

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