Hair Detox Shampoo: What It Is, Why You Need It, and How To Use It


Everyone can benefit from a good hair detox shampoo. You’ve probably begun to realize this, which is why you’re here! A deep detox can really reset your hair and skin health, and make a massive difference in how you look and feel. But what IS a detox shampoo exactly, and how do you use one?

If you’re on the journey to achieve your healthiest and strongest hair yet, then a detox needs to be part of your routine. It can give you that healthy glow from root to tip, and I’ll tell you how!

Today, I’m going to demystify the detox. Let’s have a chat about what a hair detox shampoo is, who it’s for, and how to use it - before discussing the very best detox shampoo bar for your tresses. 

What is the purpose of detox shampoo?

A hair detox shampoo works on another level than traditional shampoos. It is a step-up in the cleaning department, and helps to wash away oils, impurities, dirt, and buildup from both your strands AND your scalp. 

Why is this important? Well, over time, products, pollution, and oils all build up in your hair, and they leave behind a residue that can’t always be washed away with your daily shampoo. Think of it like a spring cleaning for your hair and scalp! 

A detox shampoo keeps your skin and your strands as healthy as possible, so you aren’t struggling with limp, lifeless hair days.

What is the difference between clarifying shampoos and detox shampoo?

Hair detox shampoos and clarifying shampoos both give a deep clean to remove buildup and oils - unfortunately, clarifying shampoos often clean a little TOO well. That’s because clarifying shampoos are made from harsh chemicals that can strip your natural oils and make your strands dry and brittle over time. 

A detox shampoo, on the other hand, is made with natural and nourishing ingredients that help your hair without harming it. So, if you would normally reach for a clarifying shampoo, go for a detox instead! 

When should I use a detox shampoo?

How often you should use a hair detox shampoo really depends on your hair type. If you have curly hair or coarse hair, you may only need to detox once a month. If you live in a polluted area or have oily hair naturally, you may want to use your detox shampoo more frequently - like once or twice a week. 

Some people even find they need to use it daily for a deep detox if they are experiencing hair loss or scalp issues, but I wouldn’t recommend doing this long-term. 

Your hair should be able to tell you when it needs a deep clean. If your locks are feeling a bit dull and lackluster, it’s time for a detox!

Is detox shampoo safe for all hair types?

Yes! Hair detox shampoo is safe for all types of hair, including curly hair, color-treated hair, and chemically treated hair. (I’m even looking at you Brazilian Blowout enthusiasts!) 

As I mentioned above, detox shampoo provides a deep clean, but not a harsh clean like a clarifying shampoo. So even if your hair is damaged or delicate, it will be just fine to use a detox shampoo. You just need to decide how often your hair wants a detox. 

So now that you know everyone can benefit from detox shampoo, what ARE the actual benefits? Let’s discuss some great reasons to add an occasional detox to your routine. 

The benefits of hair detox shampoo

Woman’s hand holding one of Bars Over Bottles clarifying shampoos placed on a white bathroom vanity countertop

There are so many benefits of hair detox shampoo, and they go beyond the general refreshing clean. Hair detox shampoo is wonderful because: 

It prevents a flaky scalp/dandruff

If you’re struggling with dandruff, it could be because your scalp isn’t clean enough or your pores are clogged. A good hair detox shampoo can give your scalp the good cleaning it needs to get rid of dandruff and ease an itchy scalp. 

It helps with hair loss

Everyone sheds some hair, and even losing 40 or 50 strands a day is normal - but if you’re losing more than that, you might need a detox ASAP! A hair detox shampoo can help flush out toxins that are harming your hair follicles, and improve circulation for better hair growth.  

It gets rid of odors

If your regular shampoo isn’t taking smoke or other smells out of your hair, a detox shampoo will do the job. It can also get rid of bacteria that thrive in the humid environment of your scalp, and can create quite the odor of their own!

There are so many reasons to use a detox shampoo. But then, the question becomes - HOW do you use a detox shampoo? Let’s dive in!

How do I use a detox shampoo? 

To make sure you’re getting the most out of your detox shampoo, you should thoroughly wet and detangle your hair before applying your product. 

Once your hair is primed, apply your detox product as close as possible to your scalp. Really massage it in to make sure you’re getting all the great benefits for your skin as well as your hair. 

After working the product through your hair, let it sit one to three minutes to work its magic, then simply rinse it out! 

With such a simple way to revamp your hair and scalp, it’s a wonder everyone isn’t already using a detox - but now you can get in on the secret! 

Meet the hair detox shampoo bar you’re looking for

Bars Over Bottles charcoal detox shampoo

Want a detox shampoo that is great for your hair, skin, wallet, AND the environment? Meet my vegan Detox Shampoo Bar. This powerful little bar features an anti-pollution formula that will cleanse impurities, revitalize your scalp, and balance your oil production - while giving you your best hair day yet!

If you’re looking for simple ways for how to reduce plastic use, then adding shampoo bars to your routine is a no-brainer. 

All my natural shampoo bars are 100% plastic free and waterless, which makes them amazing for the Planet. And you won’t have to waste any of your money on liquid detox products that are quite literally 80% water. Here, it is ALL product!

And my Detox Shampoo Bar is the perfect fit for all hair types, too. It’s a great shampoo for oily hair, but also the ideal occasional cleanse for curls. 

How does it work? This hair detox shampoo bar cleanses with natural ingredients like activated charcoal, black clay, and refreshing essential oils. Let’s examine the ingredients to see how they detox so effectively!

How my Detox Shampoo Bar works

My Detox Shampoo Bar has lots of gorgeous ingredients, but here are the ones that do the bulk of the detox work:

Activated charcoal 

If you want a real detox, look for charcoal detox shampoo. Why? Activated charcoal is incredible at detoxing. There is a reason it’s regularly used in water purifiers, emergency rooms, and even for treating kidney disease

A charcoal detox shampoo will absorb any pollution or impurities in your hair while leaving it with a beautiful, natural shine. 

Black clay 

Black clay is the next beneficial ingredient in my Detox Shampoo Bar. Black clay helps to control scalp oils and improves your blood circulation, which can boost hair growth and the strength of your strands! 

Eucalyptus and peppermint oil 

Eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil not only help you feel extra refreshed after your wash, they also have natural antiseptic properties, which can help to prevent dandruff and excessive scalp flaking.

Find your perfect hair routine

Once you’ve found your ideal detox routine with my charcoal detox shampoo bar, it’s time to enhance the rest of your beauty routine! My vegan shampoo and conditioner bars provide a nourishing cleanse and hydration for any hair type. 

Whether you’re looking to control oil, deeply moisturize, or build strength in chemically treated hair, I have just the right solid hair product for it.

See which shampoo and conditioner bars are the right fit for you!

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