Everything You Need to Know About Shampoo Bars



Haircare has always existed in human history, in one way or another; this activity has evolved time and time again. One of the newest hair care trends is the use of shampoo bars. That's right: now you can find solid shampoo! Have you tried it?

If you're wondering whether shampoo bars are a good option for your hair, keep reading. In this article I'll explain everything you need to know about solid shampoo and its benefits – for you and for the planet!


In a nutshell, a shampoo bar is nothing more than a solid version of your good-old liquid shampoo. For this reason, many people call it solid shampoo.

Just think about it: if soap has a solid and a liquid version, why can’t shampoo?

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Shampoo bars have the exact same function as liquid shampoo. They cleanse and moisturize, and offer shine and other benefits to your hair and scalp. 

The difference here is how the product is presented, obviously. Instead of coming in a bottle, solid shampoo comes in a bar form. 

This brings us to a second – and obvious – difference: how it’s used!


Unlike liquid shampoo, which you pour into your hand and apply to your hair, with shampoo bars you rub them directly onto your scalp and hair lengths until a foam is formed (it's very quick I promise). Then, massage your scalp like you would normally do with a liquid shampoo.

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Another very common way is to rub the shampoo bars into your hands to work up some product, and then apply it to your scalp and hair lengths using your hands. 

After the shampoo bars, those who like to condition their hair can finish using… conditioner bars, of course! Shampoo’s faithful companion also has a solid version and can be used together with your preferred solid shampoo.

When it comes to how to use a conditioner bar, simply rub the bar on your hands until the product is released, and then apply to the hair. Or you can also apply it directly. Apply the product on lengths and ends, avoiding the scalp and roots.


Natural shampoo bars have many unique aspects that justify the rise in market demand. Here are just some of the reasons they have so many fans!

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Savings: Since shampoo bars are highly concentrated products, they can be used for more washes, on average, than their liquid alternatives. All you must do is preserve them correctly to increase the bars’ lifespan. In addition, when you buy shampoo bars, you aren’t paying for a product that is 80% water, as is the case with liquid shampoo bottles.

Convenience: Once your shampoo bars are dry, they can be easily stored in a travel tin. This is great for vacation, where your bars can be packed in the suitcase without taking up space or affecting your carry-on liquid allowance.

Health: In general, shampoo bars use fewer chemical additives than liquid shampoo. In fact, almost all the options on the market are natural products: free of parabens, preservatives, synthetic sulfates, dyes, and other similar substances.

Sustainability: Shampoo bars help save water, an essential and finite resource, and can use simple and biodegradable packaging. This allows them to get rid of the great villain of our time: plastic packaging! Unlike the plastic bottles of liquid shampoo, which are more than 90% likely to end up in nature — solid shampoo doesn’t have any kind of environmental impact.


Unlike traditional shampoos, the production of B.O.B's solid versions don’t include saponification (soap manufacturing), a process widely used in the industry.

Saponification involves caustic soda and makes the hair’s pH alkaline. This doesn’t match the hair's natural pH, which is acidic. 

The cleansing agent used by B.O.B is a natural element derived from coconuts and is 100% sulfate-free. The result is a rich creamy lather that is healthy for your hair.

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But it’s not just the lack of saponification that makes shampoo bars take a different manufacturing route.

For example, the concentration of active ingredients in solid shampoo is much higher than in the liquid version. This may sound a bit obvious: after all, it’s a solid, dry product - there’s no room for water! 

In the case of shampoo bars, the dilution of these components will occur when they come in contact with water in the shower. In liquid shampoo, the product is already diluted inside the bottle.

Can you believe that, on average, 80% of the volume of a liquid shampoo bottle is nothing more and nothing less than… water! That's right: water! Did you know that you were paying for this much water when you purchased liquid shampoo?

This leads us to another very interesting difference between solid and liquid shampoo: because of all this water inside the bottles, the risk of microorganism growth ends up being higher. For this reason, most liquid shampoos need to include some chemical components to prevent this from happening.

The issue? Well, you can already imagine that the substances included in liquid shampoo to kill these microorganisms aren’t exactly harmless, right? Besides the risk of harming your health, they can also cause environmental issues when they’re introduced into the sewage collection system.

Colorful chemicals on test tubes

But what about shampoo bars? The simplest answer would be that they tend to be much more natural. Since they’re dry, there’s no stimulus for microorganisms to grow. 


Since shampoo bars are more concentrated, they usually last longer when compared to liquid shampoo.

Each application produces a nice lather quickly, and avoids the need to overuse the product. This makes the average solid shampoo bar last about 60 washes!

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This means that each shampoo bar is equivalent to two bottles of liquid shampoo (6.7oz) and one conditioner bar is equal to 3 bottles of shampoos (6.7oz)! Now that’s value for money, right?

Bars Over Bottles shampoo bars vs. bottled liquid shampoo comparison


Besides the bargain and environmental benefits, many people seek shampoo bars as an attempt to find a product that is more suitable for their hair type. 

Those who suffer from oily hair, for example, usually encounter a certain difficulty to find the perfect shampoo - one that doesn’t make their hair too heavy or too dry. That’s where shampoo bars come in.

A woman wearing white shampooing her wet hair with Bars Over Bottles purifying natural shampoo bar

Shampoo bars can regulate the scalp’s oils in a balanced way and provide a shiny and silky result. My Detox Shampoo Bar, for example, is very suitable for this purpose, since it offers a thorough cleanse without drying your hair.

By using the power of activated charcoal, it does a deep cleanse and controls oils, eliminates impurities, and helps to fight dandruff! 

All this with natural formulas!

In addition, my natural beauty bars are Low Poo or No Poo products, because they do not have aggressive sulfates in their formulation. In other words, using my natural shampoo bars for curly or frizzy hair, which usually has a more fragile and brittle structure and is prone to dryness, is also a great choice!

Bars Over Bottles shampoo bars on the palm of women of different shapes and sizes, color, and hairstyle (curly hair, straight hair)

I, B.O.B, make 5 types of solid shampoo – and one of them is the perfect match for you! 

My Nourishing Shampoo Bar is ideal for normal or slightly dry hair since it nourishes and moisturizes hair.  

My Purifying Shampoo Bar, on the other hand, is best suited for combination hair that is starting to flirt with oil excess. It cleanses and regulates the hair in a balanced way. 

The Revitalizing Shampoo Bar is a lovely combination for chemically treated hair - it helps with moisturizing, nourishing, and rebuilding damaged strands. 

Speaking of moisture, our Moisturizing Shampoo Bar is perfect for curly hair, which cleanses, hydrates, and strengthens your curls while defining them at the same time. 

The Detox Shampoo Bar is perfect for all types of hair, featuring an anti-pollution formula that cleanses impurities and manages oil production. 

So, after reading all this amazing information, what’s your opinion now about shampoo bars? Would you consider them an option for your hair?

My natural shampoo bars at Bars Over Bottles (B.O.B) are produced with the highest quality ingredients, and are changing a lot of people's minds! :)


I take the ingredients I use in my shampoo bars seriously. The ingredients are natural, such as vegan oils and essences, and obtained from certified sources and suppliers, to ensure that the whole process is sustainable. 

I don’t ever use active ingredients that are aggressive to your health or to nature.

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Also, my natural shampoo bars are 100% plastic-free. Did you know that? This way, your shower routine is even more sustainable, generating less waste and less impact on the environment!

And there's more: all my products are vegan and cruelty-free

This means that I don’t use any ingredients of animal origin and no animals were subjected to any kind of testing during the production stages.

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Cool, right?

My shampoo bars are not only incredibly good for you and your hair, they also help us lovingly care for our planet!

It's like we say around here at B.O.B: there’s so much good packed into this bar!

Come take a look at my complete line of natural beauty bars (from shampoo bars and conditioner bars to hair mask bars and facial bars) and join me in this waterless, plastic-free revolution! 

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