Purple Toning Shampoo: What Is It, What Is It Used For, and How to Use It?


If you have blonde or gray hair, you've probably heard of the famous "purple shampoo." This item is actually a purple toning shampoo, which takes care of lighter hair strands and is considered essential in the routine of those who want to maintain hair color without unwanted yellow tones. But do you really know what this product is and how it works on your hair?

Come with me, as today I'm going to reveal all the secrets of purple toning shampoos and also tell you a little more about my new launch: the Purple Toning Shampoo Bar. Keep reading! 

What is Purple Toning Shampoo?

Purple toning shampoo is a product with a purple hue, developed to be used on natural blonde, dyed, platinum, or gray and white hair. It eliminates the yellow or orange tones from these lighter hair types, refreshing the color. Most purple toning shampoos are used 1 to 2 times a month since they contain concentrated pigments that can stain the hair. 

Does Purple Toning Shampoo Bar Work?

I might be biased, but yes, shampoo bars work just as well as liquid shampoos, and dare I say, they might even outperform the traditional ones. My purple toning shampoo is solid, waterless, and free from toxic ingredients. I've included only the best natural ingredients to remove yellowing from blonde and gray hair without harming you or the environment.

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Another great thing about my purple toner is that you can use it every day. This way, it becomes a practical part of your routine and genuinely takes care of your hair. In addition to removing existing brassiness from your strands, it prevents that tone from returning, keeping your blonde or gray color always on point. Pretty amazing, right? 

What's the Difference Between Purple Toning Shampoo Bar and Liquid Purple Toning Shampoo?

Apart from the format, the difference between purple toning shampoo bar and liquid purple toning shampoo lies in the formula. My bar contains only the best natural ingredients and avoids any kind of toxic substances, which brings incredible benefits to your hair and also doesn't harm the Planet. Another incredible aspect is that all the active ingredients are balanced so you can use it daily, making your routine much more convenient.

On the other hand, liquid purple shampoos are filled with harmful chemicals that do more harm than good to your hair and leave behind polluting residues in the environment. Not to mention that they can only be used occasionally and require several complementary products to prevent your hair from becoming brittle and dry.

To help you better understand the differences, I've put together this comparison:

Purple Toning Shampoo Bar B.O.B

Liquid Purple Toning Shampoo

Vegan, cruelty-free, and plastic-free

Uses plastic packaging that can take over 400 years to decompose

100% clean formula, composed only of natural ingredients

Formula with potentially toxic ingredients

Gradual effect that treats and nourishes the hair, can be used daily

Immediate effect, cannot be used daily as it aggressively opens the cuticles, causing hair dryness

Contains antioxidants that act preventively against yellow undertones, and moisturizing and nourishing agents that provide softness and vitality to the hair

Exclusively toning shampoo without treatment effects, as it lacks oxidizing agents, nutrients, and moisturizers in the formula, making them "non-preventive"

What's Inside Bars Over Bottles’ Purple Toning Shampoo Bar?

Just like all my shampoos, my toning shampoo contains only the finest high-performance natural ingredients that work deeply within your hair fibers. Take a look at its key active components and what they do for your hair:

  • Cornflower Extract: Natural purple pigment that fights brassiness and helps restore shine. 
  • Blueberry Extract: Antioxidant that fights free radicals, adds shine, softness, and vitality to your hair. 
  • Acai Extract: Antioxidant rich in vitamin C that nourishes and revitalizes the hair. 
  • White Clay: Remineralizing action that balances the scalp's oils and reduces hair porosity.

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Oh, something cool about Blueberry and Acai Extracts is that they naturally contain a chemical compound called cyanocenturin or anthocyanin, which is an antioxidant agent. This compound is well-known for combating free radicals and, when consumed through berries, it's an immunity ally. Amazing, right?

All of these ingredients combined not only eliminate brassiness from your hair but also prevent natural oxidation, which causes the yellowish aspect over time. Additionally, they nourish, moisturize, and revitalize gray and blonde strands that need that extra bit of attention. While my shampoo brings only the best for your hair, liquid purple toning shampoos are often loaded with potentially toxic chemicals.

How Does Purple Toning Shampoo Work?

Now that you understand the purpose of toning shampoo and what it contains, let's dive into how this shampoo acts on your hair. But before we dive into the product's action, we need to first understand why hair turns yellow. Essentially, this occurs due to hair oxidation – a natural or external process that affects the hair from within.

This oxidation is essentially the wear and tear and aging of the cells that make up the hair structure, leading to the change in color. Besides the natural process caused by our own bodies, sunlight, pollution, chemical treatments, heat styling, and various everyday factors contribute to cell aging. Alongside the color change, this process can also make hair porous and dull.

This is precisely where toning shampoo comes into play! The Purple Toning Shampoo's role is to introduce antioxidants that prolong cell life, preserving hair color and shine. Moreover, the purple pigments help neutralize the yellow tone in hair that has already experienced oxidation. Pretty cool, right?

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How to Use Bars Over Bottles’ Purple Toning Shampoo Bar?

My toning shampoo is designed for daily use. This means you can incorporate it into your routine and use it just like your regular daily shampoo, making hair care for platinum, blonde, and gray hair much simpler. To apply it to your hair, follow these steps:

Step 1: With wet hair, apply the bar directly to the scalp. 

Step 2: Create circular motions until you've generated the desired amount of lather and massage the area thoroughly using your fingertips. 

Step 3: Wait for 2 minutes to allow the toning effects to work on the hair, then rinse and finish with your favorite bar conditioner.

Of course, I can't forget to mention the other bars you can combine with the Purple Toning Shampoo Bar to enhance your care routine and maintain healthy hair:

Deep Cleanse: Combine the Purple Toning Shampoo and the Detox Shampoo. These two bars ensure your hair is free from pollution and toxins, making it perfectly ready to receive the toning effects of my new shampoo. Apply the Detox before the Purple Toning Shampoo for hair free from obstructions.

Power Hydration: Purple Toning Shampoo, Hydrate & Repair Hair Mask, and Ultra Moisturizing Conditioner. Platinum, blonde, and gray hair need that extra nourishment, and these bars are the perfect combination to leave your hair more hydrated, strong, soft, and shiny.

Daily Routine: Purple Toning Shampoo, Ultra Moisturizing Conditioner, and Curl Definer & Leave-In Conditioner. The Ultra Moisturizing Conditioner maintains hair health after toning, eliminating split ends and dryness. The Curl Definer & Leave-In Conditioner shapes and finishes post-shower – use it as a leave-in!

Now you can confidently call yourself an expert in hair toning. 

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