14 Self Care Sunday Ideas to Benefit Both You and the Planet

The weekend is ending, and Monday is right around the corner. To ensure you’re fully prepared for everything the work week is bound to throw your way, it’s a good time to refresh, recharge, and reset with a little Self Care Sunday...the B.O.B way.

Self Care Sunday isn’t just for your favorite online beauty gurus. You can put this hashtag trend to good use for both you and our beautiful blue planet. 

What is Self Care Sunday exactly? 

Though women all over the world enjoy an occasional day of pampering, Self Care Sunday takes things up a notch. 

More than just a day at the spa, it’s the personal commitment we make to ourselves to tend to our minds, bodies, and spirits. 

Today, this idea of normalizing “me-time” has evolved into a variety of weekly regimens that call on us to slow down and regroup. And, with a growing emphasis on mental health and wellness, Self Care Sunday is as much about remedy and healing as it is about beauty.

I, B.O.B, love everything self-care. This is especially true when it benefits our planet (and my products are a testament to that). My love for the Earth remains the essence and heart of every product I develop. 

But one problem remains: As well-intentioned as our special self-care routines are, they often do not promote an Earth-friendly approach. So today, I’m going to be giving you ideas for self care that benefit both you and the planet, so you can incorporate them into your next Self Care Sunday routine. 

Why Self Care Sunday needs a makeover 

Too often, our favorite self care routine benefits our mental health…to the detriment of the environment. 

What’s worse, many of the products used and promoted have ingredients that are actually harmful to the body.

I believe that taking care of ourselves must go hand-in-hand with taking care of our planet. Our livelihoods depend on each other - so how can we do better?

I don’t want your Self Care Sunday to threaten the health of you or the Earth. That’s why I’ve come up with a list of ideas for self care to make your self care routine more eco-friendly and sustainable - while remaining as relaxing as possible. 

14 sustainable Self Care Sunday ideas you need to try 

There’s no need to stress about making your Self Care Sunday more sustainable - I’ve done all the groundwork for you. Here are my top 14 sustainable ideas that you can seamlessly incorporate into your Self Care Sunday routine. 

1. Sleep in 

A couple in dark orange shirt sleeping—one of the best ideas for self care they follow religiously

The average adult requires 8 hours of sleep nightly, but with the daily demands of our lives, some of us are barely getting five. 

On Self Care Sunday, I want you to sleep in. 

Turn off your alarm and forgo a jam-packed day of activities. If you do decide to make plans, set them for later in the day. 

When you do wake, take some time before you set your feet to the ground. 

Roll around the sheets. 

Embrace the gift of a new day.

Or, just fall back asleep if you want!

2. Unplug

Turn off your electronic notifications the night before. All the dinging from social media and emails can be distracting. And, when you wake, you’ll feel compelled to focus on the digital world rather than yourself. 

If you do get a call or text from loved ones, make sure it’s not an emergency, then respond with a message to let them know that you will call them later. Today is all about YOU.

3. Let in the day

When you’re out of bed and ready to get the day going, start by letting in the sunshine and fresh air. 

Fresh air and sunshine can do wonders to boost your mood

Draw your shades to allow the sun to bathe your home with all those vitamin D-filled rays. Open up your windows to circulate fresh air throughout your home. 

Of course, on colder days, you’ll only want to do this for a few minutes to avoid too much of a draft. 

4. Tend to your plants

If you’re a plant mom or dad, you may want to tend to your beloved plants. Water them, clean their leaves, and prune where necessary. 

If you don’t own plants, you may want to get some! 

House plants have a great amount of health benefits from reducing stress and fatigue to helping absorb toxins to producing more oxygen in the environment!

5. Fuel your body 

Having slept in all those hours, I bet you’re hungry. Put on a pot of coffee or tea, or start blending your favorite green juice. It’s time for you to feast and fuel your body. 

Take your time to prepare a special breakfast, then eat it slowly to savor each bite. While you’re at it, put on some melodic music to shimmy to as you cook and eat. 

Or, if you prefer some calm and stillness, tune into the sounds of nature - either recorded or outside your window!

6. Try some recharging activities

Enjoy the fun of slowing down by indulging in choice activities that bring you joy without requiring you to exert too much energy. 

Read the book you’ve been putting off. 

Meditate, pray, or chant your daily affirmations. 

Do some personal journaling.

Take some time to stretch. 

Whatever you choose to do, try to remain present, intentional, and focused on the activity at hand.

7. Give yourself a scalp massage

For your cleansing regimen, try dry brushing for a little gentle exfoliation before jumping into the shower. 

The patterned circular and upward motions offer a plethora of health benefits from cell regeneration to detoxification and lymphatic drainage, leaving you with more energy and an undeniable glow. 

8. Pamper yourself with sustainable products

Male and female models holding Bars Over Bottles beauty bars for self care routine

Use clean, waterless products like shampoo bars and conditioner bars to add moisture to your skin and hair without stripping the natural oils. 

Then, follow up with a light massage using clean body oils before slipping into some cozy loungewear for the day.

9. Clean your environment

If you have the time (or motivation) use a few hours of the day to declutter your space. Don’t overwhelm yourself with this process and only tackle small areas at a time. 

Keep the items that serve you. 

Donate the ones you no longer want. 

Find sustainable ways to discard things in poor condition. 

Clean your home and wipe down your surfaces using eco-friendly products with non-toxic ingredients. These won’t compromise the integrity of your furniture and clothing, or cause irritation to your skin. 

A clean and organized space helps you think clearer, function better, and decreases feelings of anxiety and stress. 

10. Get out in nature 

If your self care routine leads you outside, then I would encourage you to walk or bike as much as possible. This will not only reduce gas emissions into the atmosphere but can be quite therapeutic. 

Aside from being an excellent form of cardio, your slow trek will allow you to pass through scenic routes, experiencing the beauty of nature and the people around you.

11. Incorporate your family 

If you have a family, all of this may seem a bit impossible. Trying to convince your little ones to cooperate while you sleep in may not go over as easily as you may think. 

The solution is to create Self Care Sundays for the family. 

Until you are able to enjoy it alone, be creative and find ways to incorporate your spirited little ones. And do you know what? When nap time comes around, you can all rest in bed for snuggles and hugs.

12. Have a sustainable get-together

When it comes to who to spend your Sunday with, many opt for solitude while others prefer to share a moment with friends and loved ones. After all, being in good company is a form of self care.

Try a small gathering where conversations can flow, and great memories can be created without tons of material waste. 

Meet at a coffee shop where sustainability is at the forefront of their business, or at a friend’s home where everyone can bring a dish in reusable foodware. 

Just be sure to head back home in time to wind down and plan out your week. 

13. Set gentle goals for the week

Open up your planner to set short-term goals and a realistic to-do list that won’t overwhelm you. 

Starting off your week organized, prepared, and with clear direction of how to tackle the week’s tasks is a reassuring way to end Self Care Sunday.

14. Prepare for success

As you turn down for the evening, please do remember to reset your morning alarm. Work starts tomorrow, and it’s important to set the week off on the right foot!

WIth these sustainable ideas for self care, you can get the very most out of your week. 

Best yet? You don’t even need to wait until next Sunday to repeat them. 

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