4 Sustainable Gift Ideas to Choose From!

The act of giving gifts to our loved ones is always a unique moment, because it is when we especially think about finding something that makes them happy. With that in mind, if you want to show how special someone is, be it with sustainable birthday gifts or even outside of any celebratory date, but have no idea what to give, I came to help you!

I separated 4 gift tips for you to choose the option that best matches that special person. Oh, and all options are cruelty free, plastic-free and vegan. Come see each one of them!


1. For Healthy Hair

Is there anything better than washing your hair with products that leave your hair super clean and well cared for, but are still plastic-free, with the least amount of water used during production?

My shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask bars have incredible and super concentrated formulas for your hair, just as you deserve. Oh, the ingredients used are all natural, clean, vegan, and cruelty-free.

There are options for all hair types, you can choose from my bundles, sets or even create your own kit. 

2. To Take Care of Your Body

My second tip for sustainable gifting is to invest in products that take care of every part of the body, without exception. My Intimate Wash Bar is the first 100% plastic-free with a hypoallergenic formula, tested by dermatologists and gynecologists. 

It has a pH balanced with the intimate region and a blend of essential oils that protect against the increase of harmful fungi and bacteria - but it does not affect the natural bacteria of the vaginal flora at all, as they are super important for its balance.

3. For Clean and Well-Cared Skin

Is there anything better than receiving products for our skincare moment? And the fact that they are sustainable makes everything even better, right? I have the perfect products to gift someone you love.


My Facial Cleansing Bars will clean your skin in the way you need on your daily routine. They also unclog the pores in a super delicate and practical way.

Moreover, they are clean beauty, which means that they take care of you and the Planet at the same time. My beauty bars have clean formulas, without parabens, petrolatums or other potentially harmful chemicals.

I have options that, besides cleaning, control oiliness and perform a micro-exfoliation, you just have to choose which one suits your skin type best.

4. There’s No Way To Go Wrong

If you’re still not sure about which product to choose from, this is the perfect solution! 

My Trial Pack contains mini bars for you to try and find out the perfect match for your hair: 4 shampoos and 2 conditioners.

Oh, and also, since dry bars last a lot longer, this kit also includes a mini elliptical bar holder to keep your bars dry between showers. Isn't this perfect? Besides being ideal for you, this is also a great option to gift the ones you love and introduce them to the plastic-free, waterless beauty world that you cherish so much!

Don't forget: the most important thing is to choose something with care, considering what that person would like to receive. But if you really want to rock the gift, come take a look at my products separated by type of treatment, this way it's much easier to make the right choice.

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