The Power of Pre-Pooing: Preparing Your Curls for Washing

Curl care is a delicate art. From choosing a product for curly hair, to mastering the perfect wash-and-go routine, it's all about understanding what your curls need to thrive. One method that is often overlooked but can make a huge difference in your hair's health and appearance is pre-pooing.

Pre-pooing, or pre-shampooing, is a step in your haircare routine where you apply certain treatments to your hair before you wash it. This process helps to prepare your curls for the washing process, ensuring they stay hydrated and protected against potential damage from the shampoo. Today, I’m going to explore the power of pre-pooing and how you can incorporate it into your haircare routine.


Why Pre-Poo?

Pre-pooing provides a protective layer to your hair. It shields the strands from the harsh cleansing properties of the shampoo, preventing them from stripping away your hair's natural oils. It also helps to detangle your hair, making the washing process much easier and less damaging to your curls.

Girl applying Conditioner Bar on her hair

Choosing the Right Product

When it comes to pre-pooing, the product you choose matters. My recommendation? The Curl Defining Hair Mask.

This hair mask is packed with an array of beneficial ingredients specifically designed for curly hair:

  • Bacuri and Shea Butters: These combat hair dryness, prevent dehydration, and recover hair health from roots to tips.
  • Shikakai Extract: This helps define curls and control frizz. It has a "curl memorizer" effect, ensuring your curls stay defined for longer.
  • Beetroot Amino Acid: A 100% natural ingredient that strengthens the hair fiber and helps retain moisture.

Not to mention, the fragrance is a delightful natural blend of amber and fruity notes.

How to Pre-Poo with the Curl Defining Hair Mask

Using my Curl Defining Hair Mask as a pre-poo treatment is simple:

  1. About 15-20 minutes before your shower, with dry hair, dampen the hair mask.
  2. Apply the mask to your hair, making sure to coat all your strands evenly.
  3. Wait for the time you've chosen to leave the mask on.
  4. Rinse and wash your hair as usual.
Girl in the shower applying shampoo

By integrating this pre-poo step in your routine, you're preparing your curls for washing in the best way. This mask not only deep conditions your hair but also helps to define your curls, fight frizz, and keep your hair looking its best.

The next time you reach for your conditioner bar for curly hair, consider adding a pre-poo step to your routine with the Curl Defining Hair Mask. Your curls will thank you!


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