Why & How To Use Hair Masks for Curly Hair


Effortless hair days can be few and far between with curls. But with the right hair products, like hair masks for curly hair, you can understand those curly mood swings and truly pamper your high-maintenance hair.

It’s okay if curls take a little extra love to thrive. Curls are naturally drier and more fragile than most other hair types, but they are also a MAIN CHARACTER. Ringlets, coals, undulating waves – there is so much to love about vivacious, personality-filled curls. 

So let’s GIVE those curls some love! And one of the best ways to nourish and pamper your locks is a natural hair mask for curly hair.

If you haven’t used hair masks already, it’s time to start. Today, I’ll be explaining why hair masks for curly hair are a MUST, and how to use them properly. 

But what is a hair mask anyway? And what is the best hair mask for curly frizzy hair? Let’s dive into all the glorious details. 

What is a hair mask? 

Girl holding the Hydrate & Repair Hair Mask

A hair mask is an intensive conditioning treatment for your hair. It helps to repair damage and nourish your strands so they stay soft, happy, and hydrated. When you have naturally dry curly hair, a hair mask is your best friend!

Let’s talk about some (very valid) reasons to include a hair mask in your routine.

6 reasons to use hair masks for curly hair 

Here are my favorite reasons to use hair masks for curly hair:

1. A hair mask can strengthen your curls

A good hair mask for curly hair contains strand-strengthening ingredients that help to fight damage from heat styling tools and chemicals. 

For example, beetroot amino acid can help repair damaged hair thanks to large quantities of iron, potassium, and electrolytes. It also contains a lot of antioxidants, which can help to strengthen your hair follicles. 

2. A hair mask can moisturize your curls 

One of the main points of a curly hair mask is hydration. Hair masks for curly hair often contain deeply moisturizing butters like shea butter or bacury butter, which can fight dry hair and keep your curls soft, shiny, and bouncy. 

3. A hair mask can define your curls 

A curl defining hair mask will make your hair absolutely enviable. If your product contains shikakai oil, that makes it the best hair mask for curly frizzy hair, because shikakai is a natural “curl memorizer!” It can leave your curls beautifully defined and frizz-free between washes. 

4. A hair mask won’t weigh your curls down

Some hydrating hair products can really build up on your curls and make them feel limp. But a good natural hair mask for curly hair won’t contain any silicones or parabens that weigh down your curls. They are specially formulated to keep your hair healthy and bouncy.

5. A curly hair mask can protect against gray hair

Oxidative stress is a known cause of premature graying – and many hair masks for curly hair are full of antioxidants that counteract those effects. In fact, beetroot amino acid and shikakai oil (two of the ingredients I listed above) are both FULL of those fabulous antioxidants. 

6. A hair mask can help you go longer between washes

With that added moisture and definition, hair masks for curly hair can help you put off your next shower. And if you have the average (read: LENGTHY) curly wash and plop routine, you’ll want to go as long as possible between washes! 

Curly hair masks can help your curls stay nicer for longer, so you can enjoy no-fuss curls on the day-to-day.  

Now that you see some of the great benefits of a natural hair mask for curly hair, you’re probably ready to try one! Which begs the question: HOW do you use hair masks for curly hair?

How to use hair masks for curly hair

Girl holding the Hydrate & Repair and Curl Defining Hair Masks

Just because you know how often to use conditioner on your curls doesn’t mean you’ll have your hair mask routine down pat. In fact, hair mask use is rather different.

If you try to use hair masks for curly hair like regular conditioner, you can end up with curls that are greasy and weighed down. That’s because a hair mask can be more deeply nourishing and moisturizing than the average conditioner, and should only be used once or twice a week.  

You should reach for a hair mask after getting your hair colored, using a lot of heat styling tools, or on days when your locks feel especially limp, dry, or frizzy. 

But how exactly should you apply hair masks for curly hair? Well, it depends on the form of your hair mask. 

My favorite hair masks are actually solid bar products. These natural hair masks for curly hair don’t contain any harsh chemicals – nor do they contain any plastic packaging. So they are as great for the environment as they are for your curls. 

If you aren’t sure how to use a solid hair mask, it’s quite similar to how to use a conditioner bar

There are two main ways I like to use a hair mask bar:

Use your hair mask between shampoo and conditioner 

After shampooing your hair, wet your hair mask bar and rub it gently between your hands to work up a bit of product.

Then, separate your hair into small sections and work the product thoroughly into your hair. 

You can either use your hands to apply the product directly, or rub the hair mask bar through your curls in small circular motions.

Let the product sit on your hair for three minutes. Then, rinse and apply your regular conditioner! 

Use your hair mask as a pre-poo product 

Many people with curly hair have a dubious relationship with shampoo. And if you’re concerned that even your no-poo shampoo product might dry out your hair, you can protect it by applying your hair mask pre-shampoo!

A few hours (or even a full day!) before washing, you can dampen your hair mask and apply it directly to your dry strands to let it work its protective magic. 

Turn your solid hair mask into a cream product 

If you aren’t sold on solid hair products, you can even turn your hair mask bar into a cream product! Just put a bit of your hair mask bar in warm water for a few minutes and mash it around with your fingers until it reaches the desired consistency. 
Then, you can add it into any reusable container you have on hand! 

Now that you have an idea of how to use a hair mask, let’s talk about the best hair mask for curly hair – and some other curly hair products to have on hand. 

Perfect your curly hair routine

The best hair mask for curly hair is hands-down my Curl Defining Hair Mask bar. It contains all the amazing ingredients I mentioned above, including beetroot amino acid, bacury butter, shea butter, shikakai oil, and more! 

That makes my Curl Defining Hair Mask the best hair mask for curly frizzy hair, as it will help to gorgeously define, hydrate, and strengthen your strands. 

But why stop at just a hair mask? I have a whole curly hair products gift set to help you optimize your hair routine. 

This gift set contains a hair mask for curly hair, of course, but it also contains a shikakai shampoo (great for curl definition and oh-so nourishing) and a curly hair leave-in conditioner to keep your curls beautifully moisturized. 

My shampoo and conditioner bars for curly hair are sulfate-free, paraben-free, silicon-free, cruelty-free, and plastic-free – making them the perfect natural hair products for your curls. Not to mention, I’ve carefully formulated them with the very best ingredients to keep curls looking and feeling their best. 

Armed with your new hair mask bar, and the best shampoo and conditioner for curly hair, nothing will be able to hold you back.

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