Armpit microbiota: information to keep handy.

The armpit is one of those areas of your body that has become a taboo. It's just that there’s a lot going on there at the same time: hair growth, sweat production and, obviously, the famous typical odor of this part of the body. For all these reasons, it is an area that requires a lot of care and a better understanding of its characteristics is essential to always keep it healthy and well cared for.

We have gathered a lot of interesting information about it and we want to share it with you. So, here's more: it's time to find out about everything that's happening right there, under your arms! 



Have you ever really stopped to think about it? Do you think we know our own armpits well? As it’s an area of the body that is difficult to access, we end up paying little attention to or hardly noticing it. It's like they say: if you’re not seen, you’re not remembered. :) We take a peek at our armpits once or twice a day, tops, in front of the mirror, while showering, as part of our hygiene and personal care routine.

But our underarms also need attention: it is an important and delicate area, which requires care and affection to stay healthy. As strange as it may seem to say this, there are a number of microorganisms living there, and they are essential to maintain the balance of the area—the so-called armpit microbiota.

Similar to many other areas of our body, this microbiota ensures that things work as they should and prevents diseases from developing. Therefore, ensuring that the armpit microbiota is always in order is essential to keep everything in the best possible way under our arms.


Microbiome is a term that means something like a group of tiny beings, microscopic organisms, who live together and have developed a harmonious way of relating to each other, creating a positive result for everyone. Cool, huh?

But if you want a more direct summary, we can say that the microbiome of your armpit is the bacteria that live there. And you don't have to feel disgusted, okay? They naturally live under your arm and help take care of the area, okay? :)

As the armpit is a dark and humid place, it is ideal for that microbiota to live there. And if these bacteria are living in balance, it's all right: that is a sign of healthy armpits. The problem begins when one of these factors ends up deregulating the delicate balance between them. And a lot can unbalance the underarm microbiome!


Some care is part of an underarm health care routine. As obvious as it may seem to say this, washing the area thoroughly is the beginning of everything, right?  Cleanse thoroughly in the shower! If you like to shave your armpit hair, another nice tip is to take it easy and do it carefully: if you shave in a hurry, you may get small cuts and that will make your skin frail.

And in addition to that care, regulating your armpit microbiota is also essential to maintain the health of that part of your body. When natural armpit bacteria get out of balance—a group of them may grow beyond normal, for instance—then we see the problems. 

And this imbalance can be caused by us, when using cosmetics or personal hygiene products that end up attacking the microbiota and giving some bacteria the room to develop beyond measure or for other invading microorganisms, such as fungi, to take advantage of the breach and attack, leading to issues. Therefore, it’s important to find ways to take care of your underarms in a less aggressive way, guaranteeing the hygiene of the area without disrespecting the natural balance that already exists there.


The pH is always a hot topic around here, isn't it?  That’s because pH is a super important factor for our body! Each specific area of our body has its own pH and our armpits are no different: given the special conditions—low light, humidity and low ventilation—the pH is a little less acidic, around 6.5. 

That’s the pH that regulates which microorganisms will develop under the arm, but, as it is a stuffy and humid area, it’s not just the natural and beneficial bacteria for your armpit skin that will find shelter there. The bacteria that live under the arm metabolize the sweat of natural perspiration and, as a result of this process, end up releasing substances that will create the characteristic armpit odor, you know what I mean right? 

Therefore, one of the ways to control the unpleasant odor dynamic is precisely by controlling the growth of bacteria that produce these unpleasant odors—and that means rebalancing the pH of your armpit so that it becomes more alkaline, leaving the area more protected and preventing that there is an exaggerated proliferation of unwanted microorganisms there.


When we talk about sweating and perspiration, it is very important to stress that these are natural and healthy processes in our body. Sweating is really good for you! It enables our body to regulate its own temperature and adapt to external conditions or the activities we are doing.

Oh, and let's highlight this info again here: sweat is not directly responsible for the bad armpit odor since it is basically composed of water and mineral salts. The problem happens when unwanted bacteria proliferate in your armpits and feed on these compounds, producing unpleasant odors through metabolization.

Obviously, there are cases where exaggerated sweating occurs and this condition leads to problems in the everyday lives of people who suffer from it. This condition may be worth looking into, see a specialist to seek appropriate treatment, okay? But generally speaking, there's nothing wrong with literally breaking a sweat! 


That's why extra care is needed in armpit skincare: there, under your arm, is an area that naturally produces a lot of sweat and preventing this process from happening as it should, may not be the best idea, okay?

Nowadays, most armpit care products have an antiperspirant effect.  Even deodorants, whose job should be to control the odor of the area, ends up doing this by preventing sweating from happening normally. The strategy is to control sweat to control unpleasant odors, got it? But stop and think of it: if sweating is a natural function of our body and can even affect our health, would it actually be interesting to prevent our armpits from sweating as they would like to?

And more: if we've already seen that sweating itself has no odor, doesn't it make much more sense to control bacteria and not sweat? :)


This decision is a very personal one—like almost everything related to your self-care, right?  Each person knows their own body, and which products are best suited for it, whether for your skin, hair, etc. But if you are looking for an increasingly balanced and healthy hygiene and care routine, we have some tips that may help!

Most deodorants also have an antiperspirant action. This reduces underarm sweat to control odors in the area, but we've also seen that sweating is a natural process, and preventing your body from sweating doesn't seem to make much sense, right? In addition, sweat control is enabled by the action of aluminum salts that are added to the formula of these products. And, between us, although there is nothing conclusive about the effects of aluminum on our body, it doesn't seem like it goes with a healthier lifestyle, does it? 


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So, the cool thing is to be able to include a deodorant that redirects the pH of the area in your daily armpit care routine that also respects the importance of perspiration, without using aggressive chemical active ingredients aimed at preventing this natural process. Preferably, that favors a milder formula and based on natural ingredients, providing the care you want without putting your health at risk.

This is what B.O.B deodorants are all about: they were created to help you have a much more conscious and balanced armpit skincare routine, without harming your natural microbiota and the environment. 



 There are four versions for you to choose from: all are aluminum-free and do not contain any toxic ingredients. In other words: healthy skin and a planet with less toxic waste!  In addition, they come with natural ingredients, which have an odor-fighting action without harming the natural microbiota of your armpits and without interrupting the skin's natural perspiration process, which is very important. Plus they take care of tissue with a lot of TLC, regulating hydration and oiliness for healthy and beautiful skin.

Bars Over Bottles natural solid deodorants on a white background


This is the ideal deodorant for people who sweat a lot, as it has high protection against unpleasant odor and excessive sweat. It keeps the underarm pH alkaline, preventing the proliferation of undesirable bacteria that cause unpleasant odor, without hindering natural sweating.. Oh, and this deodorant is approved for all skin types, okay? And it can be used at night. 

Hand holding a Bars Over Bottles Intensive Natural Solid Deodorant in orange stick container


Do you want dry and impurities-free armpits?  This is the deodorant for you! It detoxifies your skin and controls excessive oils. And obviously, it also keeps underarm pH alkaline, preventing the proliferation of undesirable bacteria that cause unpleasant odor, without hindering natural sweating. Oh, and it can also be used at night, okay? 

Hand holding a Bars Over Bottles Purifying Natural Solid Deodorant in green stick container


We bet you didn't know that your armpits need nutrition and hydration too!  This deodorant does that for them. Out of the four formulas, this one is the only one that has Sodium Bicarbonate that maintains underarm pH alkaline, preventing the proliferation of undesirable bacteria that cause unpleasant odor, without hindering natural sweating. This deodorant can also be used at night. 

Hand holding a Bars Over Bottles Refreshing Natural Solid Deodorant in blue stick container


Make a mental note of everything this deodorant can do for your sensitive skin: reduces excess oils, replenishes essential minerals for skin health, protects you and the planet, maintains underarm pH alkaline, preventing the proliferation of undesirable bacteria that cause unpleasant odor, without hindering natural sweating. Oh, this one can also be used at night.  

Hand holding a Bars Over Bottles Sensitive Natural Solid Deodorant in violet stick container

All B.O.B deodorants are night-use too: as they do not contain aluminum in the formula, they allow natural sweating during the night and ensure that your body makes the necessary exchanges through sweat. And we don't even have to say it, right: like the entire Waterless Beauty cosmetics line  from B.O.B, our deodorants are an alternative for potential environmental sustainability for people who want to include Planet care in their most ordinary everyday actions. As a result of their solid shape, they consume less water, and don't need plastic packaging—100% plastic-free!—and on top of that, they are also vegan and cruelty-free.

See how all the care your armpit and the Planet need fits into a super practical, sustainable and easy to use bar? We bet B.O.B solid deodorant won't let your armpits down! :)

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