Do you know how to take care of your underarm skin?

Before we start, here's a disclaimer: no need to be scared, this is no longer a complicated routine full of products for you to follow. Talking about underarm skin care is like talking about our daily practices and what we should or shouldn't do for the health of this area.  Knowing what your underarms need is essential to keep the microbiota up to speed and can even help reduce exaggerated odors caused by unwanted fungi and bacteria.  

So tell me: did you really already know how to take care of your underarm skin? 



    Talking about hair is still a big taboo in our society, after all, it’s practically hairphobia of the hair that grows all over our body.  The truth is that all hairs that grow on us play a specific role, they are not there just for the sake of it and they are not unhygienic, like many people out there think. 

    The hair under your arms, for example, helps to reduce friction caused by the movement of your arms. The "rub-rub" that happens on the skin in that area can often cause redness, dryness and allergies. Isn’t it cool how your body thinks of everything? It even has a natural solution for friction! 

    Of course, the decision whether or not to remove the hair from your underarms is entirely up to you and, even if hair does something for your body, it won't be a horrible thing if you choose to live without it. But it is essential that you know the best way to remove hair, as some of these processes can be invasive and may cause some problems for your skin.


    It may seem odd, but shaving is the safest method for your skin. There are consequences, of course, but they can be addressed in more practical ways than other types of hair removal. When you use razors, you are shaving your hair and skin, this procedure can cause irritation, some blemishes and ingrown hairs. However, everything can be solved with hydration and other products designed to soften skin irritations. A good preventive tip is to use conditioner to shave, making hair more emollient and creating a protective layer on your skin. Cool, isn’t it?

    When we go into wax, we enter a more intense world.  Despite being popular in some countries like Brazil and many people resorting to this method, waxing is dangerous for our skin. In addition to potentially causing folliculitis, one of the aspects that needs more attention is the risk of burning. If the wax temperature is not monitored, it can severely burn your skin—on the other hand, if the wax is too cold, it can cause friction, allergies and make the hair removal process even more painful. A very important note is: waxing is prohibited for people with varicose veins, as the process may cause spider veins on your skin.

    Apart from these two most famous methods, there is also laser hair removal, hair removal creams and electric hair removal devices. All three of them have in common the restriction according to skin type or hair type, so not everyone can use these types of hair removal. Other than that, creams can be quite allergenic, while lasers and devices require a high investment and are painful.

    Obviously, the best hair removal method can be something super personal and it will depend on each person's needs. We are trying to explain how each of them affects your skin and what would be the most “safe and democratic” way to remove hair. As with any process that changes our natural state, hair removal will always have consequences, so we cannot say that there is a 100% safe way to remove your hair.


    Starting right there in the shower, the armpit skin care routine isn't complicated at all, but it deserves a little bit of your attention. Lack of basic skin care in the area could even contribute to the proliferation of undesirable bacteria and the characteristic armpit unpleasant odor.

    In the shower, wash the area thoroughly with the body wash you use on the rest of your body. Oh, and be careful with the so-called “bactericides” or “antiseptics,” many of these products not only target undesirable bacteria, but also affect the natural microbiota of your skin, which can interfere with the essential protection barrier to keep these areas always healthy. Next, dry your armpits with a clean and dry towel.

    Your underarm skin also needs to be moisturized, so you can choose a deodorant that already has that feature or use some other moisturizing product on the area. Hydration helps keep your skin healthy and less prone to sensitivity. That is why it is also very important to stay away from products that contain alcohol in their formula, as it dries the skin and makes hydration difficult.


    Now that you know what to do with your armpits, it's time to understand what you need to avoid. Despite being a common skin care routine for other areas of your body, exfoliation is not recommended for underarm skin. That’s because this is already an area very favorable for friction because it is located in a body fold. Exfoliation can make the skin even more sensitive and even cause some injuries.

    Hydration is essential, but oils are not recommended for this purpose. Moisturizing oils can cause even more excessive skin oils and, consequently, lead to the production of uncomfortable odors. So, when it comes to moisturizing, choose deodorants that already do that for you or alcohol-free moisturizers.  

    It’s always important to point out that if you feel uncomfortable or notice any abnormal reaction in the area, see a dermatologist.


    As with almost everything in life, whether or not to use deodorant is a personal and even cultural decision, there are some countries that do not have this habit ingrained. Using deodorants won't harm your health, and not using them anymore won't either. What may or may not change in your daily life is the production of unpleasant odors.

    However, there is a product that you need to be aware of: antiperspirants full of toxic and harmful ingredients for your health and the Planet. 


    I bet you didn’t know this: almost all deodorants found in supermarkets and drugstores are antiperspirants. Although we put everything in a big box, there is a difference between these two types of products and it is essential for our routine. Antiperspirants are all the products that use aluminum (or other synthetic substances) to inhibit sweat production. Deodorants are just products that inhibit the proliferation of undesirable bacteria and fungi, reducing unpleasant armpit odors.  

    And that is exactly the beginning of the problems with antiperspirants: they prevent natural perspiration of our body. This is an essential process for the functioning of our body, as sweat is how our body manages to regulate body temperature. 

    Another point of attention, which also involves synthetic deodorants, are toxic ingredients for your health and the Planet.  Some of the most common are:

    •       Aluminum: prevents the body's natural sweating by blocking armpit pores.
    •       Triclosan: antiseptic that inhibits the growth of fungi, bacteria and viruses, however, it is an endocrine disruptor that affects thyroid hormones.
    •       Parabens: preservatives considered endocrine disruptors in humans.
    •       Propylene glycol: has several functions, one of the most common is to function as a humectant, it can cause skin irritations, rashes and damage to the central nervous system.
    •       Synthetic Fragrances: there is evidence that overuse can cause allergies, endocrine disruption, and even cancer.
    •       BHT and BHA: used to replace parabens, but they are also hormone disruptors that can cause allergies, irritation, change the immune system, in addition to being carcinogenic. 

    Therefore, the best choice for your daily routine is natural deodorants. They will prevent the proliferation of fungi and bacteria that cause unpleasant odors, without interfering with your perspiration and without using toxic ingredients that can affect your health and the Planet.


    There are four versions for you to choose from: all are aluminum-free and do not contain any toxic ingredients. In other words: healthy skin and a Planet with less toxic waste!  In addition, they come with natural ingredients, which have an odor-fighting action without harming the natural microbiota of your armpit and without interrupting the skin's natural sweating process, which is very important. Plus they take care of tissue with a lot of TLC, regulating hydration and excess oils for healthy and beautiful skin. 

    Bars Over Bottles natural solid  deodorants on a white background


    This is the ideal deodorant for people who sweat a lot, as it has high protection against unpleasant odor and excessive sweat. It keeps the underarm pH alkaline, preventing the proliferation of undesirable bacteria that cause unpleasant odor, without hindering natural perspiration. Oh, and this deodorant is approved for all skin types, okay? And it can be used at night.



    Do you want dry and impurities-free armpits?  This is the deodorant for you! It detoxifies your skin and controls excessive oils. And obviously, it also keeps underarm pH alkaline, preventing the proliferation of undesirable bacteria that cause unpleasant odor, without hindering natural perspiration. Oh, and it can also be used at night, okay? 

    Hand holding a Bars Over Bottles Purifying Natural Solid Deodorant in green stick container


    We bet you didn't know that your armpits need nutrition and hydration too!  This deodorant does that. Out of the four formulas, this one is the only one that has Sodium Bicarbonate that maintains underarm pH alkaline, preventing the proliferation of undesirable bacteria that cause unpleasant odor, without hindering natural perspiration. This deodorant can also be used at night.

    Hand holding a Bars Over Bottles Refreshing Natural Solid Deodorant in blue stick container


    Make a mental note of everything this deodorant can do for your sensitive skin: reduces excess oils, replenishes essential minerals for skin health, protects you and the planet, maintains underarm pH alkaline, preventing the proliferation of undesirable bacteria that cause unpleasant odor, without hindering natural perspiration. Oh, and it can also be used at night.  

    Hand holding a Bars Over Bottles Sensitive Natural Solid Deodorant in violet stick container

    All B.O.B deodorants are night-use too: as they do not contain aluminum in the formula, they allow natural perspiration during the night and ensure that your body makes the necessary exchanges through sweat. And we don't even have to say it, right: like the entire Waterless Beauty cosmetics line from B.O.B, our deodorants are an alternative for potential environmental sustainability  for people who want to include planet care in their most ordinary everyday actions. As a result of their solid shape, they consume less water, and don't need plastic packaging—100% plastic-free!—and on top of that, they are also vegan and Cruelty-Free.

    See how all the care your armpit and the planet need fits into a super practical, sustainable and easy to use bar? We bet B.O.B deodorant bars won't leave your armpits! :)



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