Did you know that sweating is essential for your armpits?!?

Even if it's not the most comfortable thing in the world, sweating is a natural and essential process for your body—including your armpits. Nobody likes to get that wet feeling, right? However, the sweating process is our body's way of keeping body temperature balanced.

Interrupting this natural process in our body is not the ideal way to cope with sweat or excessive sweating odors. But traditional deodorants end up doing just that: interrupting the sweating process, clogging underarms’ pores with aluminum. Awful, isn’t it? You can rest assured that better alternatives to aluminum to manage sweating already exist.

Join us and understand a little more about this process and see the options available that will not harm your body—or the Planet.



It may seem like a lie, but we sweat ALL THE TIME! That’s because sweat is the simplest way that our body has to always maintain body temperature at an average of 36.5°C. If our body reaches more than 45°C, our internal organs can be cooked. Now do you see how important it is to sweat?

Perspiration is produced in our sweat glands, which are more than (don't freak out) 3 million and are distributed throughout our body, but most of them are in our head, underarms, hands, groin and feet. Oh, a nice thing to know is that, if it’s very hot out, sweat can also be the water taken from the tissues near the glands. So, no neglecting hydration, okay?

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In general, sweating is 99% water and mineral salts, such as sodium and potassium. Most of our sweat evaporates the second it hits the skin (like we said, we sweat all the time, so not all sweat will be visible). And on a super-hot summer day, an adult can lose up to 2.5 liters of water through sweating.


“Ok, so if sweat is basically water, does it smell bad because of the toxins?” No! The truth is, we don't release toxins in our sweat. We only release toxins from our body through pee, because our liver filters what is good for us and what should be eliminated.

Although there is a very strong widespread belief that it is possible to eliminate toxins through sweat, none of this is scientifically proven. The only role of perspiration is to regulate our body temperature and not cleanse it.


Sweat and perspiration are the names for the same process: cooling the body by releasing water. However, odor isn’t simply the result of the water release. The odor from sweat is caused by fungi and bacteria located in some areas where we sweat, and some foods and drinks also cause unpleasant odor.

Okay, we know you must be confused by now: if we don't release toxins in sweat, how do foods and drinks affect sweat odor? The foods that can change the smell of perspiration are garlic and onion (yes, Brazilians’ favorite spices), they are rich in sulfur which is basically a metal. Therefore, it is not a toxin, just a natural chemical element.

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For starters, let's talk about the difference between antiperspirants and deodorants. Although we call everything deodorant, most of them are antiperspirants. That means that they do just what the name suggests: they control perspiration. And to do that, these products use mainly aluminum!

It can do that because the aluminum salts, added to the formula of these cosmetics, turn into a type of gel when they come into contact with the skin. An insulating layer forms there and it regulates how the sweat glands work so that they produce less sweat.

Young woman spraying deodorant onto her armpit

Currently, there are several options for natural deodorants that can control armpit odors, without preventing the body's natural sweating. They do that through a combination of ingredients that reduce the proliferation of odor-causing bacteria. In addition, these cosmetics also cause less impact on the planet, as they do not have toxic or harmful ingredients.

Oh, and if you want to know which is the best deodorant option with natural ingredients, check out this tip: B.O.B. Solid Natural Deodorant.


There are four versions for you to choose from: all are aluminum-free, do not clog pores or glands, and do not contain potentially toxic ingredients. In other words: healthy skin and a planet with less toxic waste! In addition, they come with natural ingredients, which have an odor-fighting action without harming the natural microbiota of your underarm and without interrupting the skin's natural sweating process, which is very important. Plus, they take care of tissue with a lot of TLC, regulating hydration and excess oils for a healthy and beautiful skin.

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With natural ingredients and aluminum-free, the Intensive Solid Natural Deodorant offers long-lasting protection and prevents the proliferation of bacteria. It is suitable for all skin types, and has a powerful deodorant action, providing gentle hydration and skin maintenance, which favors a healthy microbiota. May be used at night, as it allows natural perspiration. 

Hand holding a Bars Over Bottles Intensive Solid Natural Deodorant in orange stick container


Aluminum-free with natural ingredients that promote natural skin detox, controlling oil and excess sweat at the same time. Compatible with all skin types, especially oily skin, the Purifying Solid Natural Deodorant promotes gentle hydration and maintenance of the skin barrier. May be used at night, as it allows natural perspiration. 

Hand holding a Bars Over Bottles Purifying Natural Solid Deodorant in green stick container


Offers intense hydration and high protection, obtained through natural ingredients and does not use aluminum in the formula. Recommended for balanced to dry skin, it deeply nourishes and hydrates, promoting the integrity of the skin barrier and avoiding discomfort caused by friction and/or dryness. The Refreshing Solid Natural Deodorant may be used at night, as it allows natural perspiration.

Hand holding a Bars Over Bottles Refreshing Natural Solid Deodorant in blue stick container


Recommended for sensitive skin, its natural ingredients have a dermo-soothing effect and, at the same time, reduces excess skin oiliness. Aluminum-free, it helps maintain a healthy microbiota and prevent folliculitis. The Sensitive Solid Natural Deodorant has a mineral replenishment, healing and soothing power and may be used at night, as it allows natural perspiration.

Hand holding a Bars Over Bottles Sensitive Natural Solid Deodorant in violet stick container


Our solid deodorants are the best option for people looking for an increasingly balanced, healthy and sustainable personal care routine. Aluminum–free formula and investing in natural ingredients, they are also vegan, 100% plastic-free and animal cruelty-free. #CrueltyFree

Doubts, fears or anxieties about armpit health or care? Just leave your comment below so we can talk to you about it, okay?

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